Cyrus streaming addition plus new Hifi Racks furniture

We recently had a customer come to see us about an existing Cyrus setup that they had been enjoying for a number of years. The existing Cyrus system featured two Cyrus X Power amplifiers in a Mono configuration fed from a Cyrus Pre X, preamplifier. Also present were a Cyrus CD player and Tuner, along with two PSX power supply upgrades.

You can check out the current Cyrus Audio range here


The customer was looking to replace the tuner with a streamer. The aim would be to add the ability to stream from Tidal but also from a local NAS drive which housed the existing CD collection and online purchased tracks. The Stream Xa was the choice of streamer to fit in perfectly with the current Cyrus equipment as well as offering everything the customer was looking to achieve. Once added into the setup the PSX power supply upgrades were connected to the preamplifier and streamer as these were established to be the most frequently used parts of the setup and would, therefore, offer the best improvement.

The final request was a new rack to house the system. This would also need to offer the potential to hold a TV and small Satellite box for a possible future addition. The Hifi Racks Podium Reference XL offered plenty of space for the Cyrus system to be spaced out, whilst still offering room for the potential to add the TV at a later date should it be wished.


If you are looking at upgrading part of an existing system, or putting together your first separates setup we’d be happy to help.

Hifi Gear is now an official Cyrus dealer so for any questions or to book a demonstration please get in touch with us on 01432 354921, email us, or why not pop in to see us at our showroom on King Street in Hereford.

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