Vinyl Record Stocklist

In an effort to celebrate the great #VinylRevival and the warm, tactile listening experience that vinyl records offer; HifiGear will now be selling new, unopened vinyl records. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Request a piece of vinyl and it may appear on the list next time around.

Want to purchase from the list below? Give us a call on 01432 354921, drop us an email on, or pop up to us on the chat in the bottom right-hand corner.



PLEASE NOTE:  STOCK LEVELS FLUCTUATE very rapidly. When selecting a piece of vinyl, please let us know an additional 2nd and 3rd choice, in case your first choice is no longer in stock.  To claim your free vinyl drop us an email ( once you’ve purchased your turntable to let us know your preferred selections,with back-up options should the favoured piece(s) no longer be in stock.