Stereo Receivers

Stereo Receivers

A stereo receiver combines the functions of an integrated amplifier with a radio tuner (FM/AM) and often DAB or digital radio. The latest stereo receivers are also offering network audio streaming of music from your home network via ethernet.

Your audio receiver will sound much better if you budget for some good quality audio cables and speaker cables, preferably fitted with gold plated banana plug connectors  for added reliability. Some stereo receivers come fitted with a phono input, making it easy to connect hi-fi turntable if you wish. Tape in and out sockets on the rear panel allow the easy connection of a cassette deck.

Many customers are limited in space, therefore a stereo receiver is a great option for great sound in a compact footprint.

For more advice on purchasing an AV Receiver, see our How to choose stereo Receivers on our blog.

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TEAC CR-H260i CD-Receiver with Bluetooth

Summary Of Your Review. A Great Cd Receiver At A Great Price

I have just bought this hifi receiver and I have hitched it to a pair of mission bookshelf speakers. I am amazed at the quality of the sound coming out . I had a teac 255 before but this 260 is way better ,I am getting dab input in an area where I was unable to before, the arrival of this great cd and radio receiver , my suggestion to anyone seeking a top quality receiver is listen up to this before you buy any other make