The HifiGear showroom in King Street is home to a huge number of different headphones of all types and applications. We also stock and demonstrate a number of high quality, dedicated headphone amplifiers and DACs.

Headphones are one of the most popular high fidelity products on the market. There's something unmatched about getting up-close and personal with a sound, and as smart-phones and media-devices become more and more advanced; the portability of headphones is a benefit that simply can not be ignored. Headphones come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs and applications depending on preference and purpose

When considering a pair of headphones for home, hifi-stereo/critical listening - the best option is for a circumaural (also referred to as 'full size', 'over ear' and 'on ear') headphone, with an open-back design. This open back design allows the intricate driver technology within the ear pad to move more freely and utilise the air more efficiently to provide a cleaner, more detailed sound. Of course, this does mean that sound leakage is quite prominent, and so would be less acceptable on a train or in a public space. 

When you require your music to be a little more personal and less invasive to others, a closed-back design is the way to go. You'll usually find that the midrange/bass on a closed-back pair of headphones is a little more punchy and dynamic, but you'll potentially lose some of that high freq detail/openness. When portability is key, in-ear headphones are often favoured. It's far more difficult to achieve the level of bass control and midrange dynamic with in-ears due to their tiny 'cabinets', but a number of higher quality brands are able to rectify this issue using innovative design techniques and construction methods

A number of manufacturers also build wireless headphone models for various purposes, whether that be convenient on-the-go wireless listening via Bluetooth or for wireless, home cinema purposes. Noise-cancelling headphones also exist for the purpose of counteracting distracting, droning frequencies caused by trains or air-planes. 

We have headphones in all of these categories available for demonstration and comparison, so whatever your needs, budget or style - we're happy to help. 

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Sennheiser IE 80 Headphones

Great In-ear Headphones For Everyday Use

Anyone who enjoys high resolution audio on the go should have at least looked at Sennheiser's IE80 headphones. They give some of the best bass definition within in-ear headphones and probably are the best available at this price point. The headphones are delivered at the expected Sennheiser quality that we all love. There is a huge array of earbuds provided to ensure a perfect fit for any ears. A key point to these headphones is the tunable bass response, this is not a gimmick. With only small changes in the bass response level your favourite music can be given new life. That is not to say you need to be listening to heavy bass music to appreciate the headphones, they have excellent highs and decent mid levels. These headphones are a perfect start for anyone wanting to fully appreciate their music. The only warning I have is that after listening with these higher grade headphones, returning to cheap headphones will not be easy.

Sennheiser HD800 Headphones + HiFi Racks Stand

Dynamics, Detail And Realism In Abundance

If you really want the best in door headphone experience possible, dig deep into your wallet and treat yourself to a pair of HD800's - there's nothing to touch them in my opinion.

Sennheiser IE800 In-Ear Headphones

Musical And Punchy Sound

Very happy that I purchased the IE800's, sound is way better than any other in ear phones I tried, a great investment.

Sennheiser RS220 Headphones

The Best Cordless Headphones Ever!

I play music whilst walking around my home, and the RS220's give me complete freedom to listen from any room in the house, even the garden :-) They are lightweight and comfortable, and the charge is enough for a full days listening session.

Sennheiser HD700 Headphones

HD700 Review

Sennheiser HD700 Headphones The HD700 headphones from Sennheiser are beautifully built, (as one would expect from such a highly prestigious manufacturer) and are an excellent choice for any home-audio enthusiast looking for a pure high fidelity sound. Comfortable The first thing to note about the Sennheiser HD700 headphones is the exceptional amount of comfort they provide. I was sat in the demo room for just short of four hours and I experienced no discomfort; this impeccable comfort almost leads you to forget that you’re even wearing them. This comfort, combined with exceptionally clear sound quality makes it sound as though the artist you’re listening to is in the room with you, performing exclusively for your amusement. Performance This is evident by how clearly pronounced vocal sounds are through the HD700’s; in some instances, the moisture and airflow of words being sung by the artist is felt as though they were whispering into your ear, and really provides the illusion that you’re having a one-on-one session with that artist. Switching to a dubstep song showed that the HD700’s handle frequency shifts without a stitch, high frequency synthesiser riffs in conjunction with deep and distorted bass notes were no issue for these headphones, both sides of the spectrum are audibly displayed brilliantly without one over-powering the other. To test the headphones the best I could, I decided to play one of my own songs, having had a major input in the production, mixing, engineering and performing of the recording – I knew what to look for. I was immediately surprised at how clear the HD700s made the rain-fall sample we used, to the point that it actually brought a an even more emotional and atmospheric feel to the song than I’d previously noticed using a pair of HD25-1’s during the production process. The HD700s simply brought a clarity and definition to my song that I had not previously experienced. Leakage The headphones do leak an immense amount of audio (as is expected from a pair of open-back headphones) and are not recommended for use in public places; unless you wish the entire train or bus to listen to your music with you. This leakage enables the drivers within the headphones to move airflow more freely however, assisting in providing a more accurate sound. The headphones also use a 6.3mm connection, and no 3.5mm adapter is included. This makes the temptation to annoy people on the train slightly harder, as you’d have to either purchase an adapter or lug your amplifier with you. These headphones are certainly not meant to be portable, and are designed for the home-audio enthusiast, as opposed to the on-the-go commuter. Conclusion The HD700s are exceptional, and although they don’t quite present an accurate sound recreation to the degree of the HD800s, these headphones do produce an impressive clarity and detail that is otherwise hard to come-by with other headphone makes and models.