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AudioQuest Diamond HDMI Cable

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AudioQuest Diamond HDMI Cable

Getting the very best out of your Home Cinema set-up is key for your enjoyment of your favourite films, television programmes and other media items. The quality of HD is something that can often be tricky to perfect when you have many items capable of HD performance. Many HDMI cables can deliver poor results if they are poorly manufactured, purely because there is no dedication to perfection within the manufacturing process. However, AudioQuest’s Diamond HDMI Interconnect is something that will make any HD capable product shine within any set-up.

Capable of 3D video transfer, 720p, 1080i or full 1080p transfer and Ethernet data transfer, the Audioquest Diamond HDMI Interconnect is an interconnect that will outperform its counterpart cables with ease, allowing the full potential of your HD formats to be realised.

With a 72V Dielectric-Bias System (DBS) which saturates and polarizes insulation, for greatly reduced sound distortion. Solid 100% PSS Silver conductors eliminate inter-strand distortion and reduced jitter imperfections. Finally, HD Polyethylene composition optimized to ensure critical signal-pair geometry.


Solid conductors ensure that the cable doesn't suffer from distortion that would arise from the conductor strands interacting with each other, while also reducing jitter. Solid silver is suited brilliantly for very high-frequency applications; these frequencies travel almost entirely along the surface of the conductor and as silver is generally regarded to be the best conductor metal, the result is a fast and dynamic signal transfer.


AudioQuest uses a specialised Nitrogen-Injected Hard-Cell foam insulation for this cable. It's similar in nature to Foamed-PE, but it is nitrogen-injected to form air pockets. 'Hard' foam is used because the rigidity and stiffness mean that the cable's conductors are able to maintain a partnership with each other for the full length of the interconnect. This results in a consistent impedance and an outstanding sound quality.


This cable also benefits from the innovative Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation System, often shortened easily to NDS. Poor quality cables that use minimal shielding techniques can often act as aerials for parasitic RF frequency interference, passing these signals through your system and affecting the sound of your music. AudioQuest believes that 100% shield coverage is simple. Using their Noise-Dissipation System, RF interference is captured and prevented from modifying the electronic component's ground reference. NDS simply prevents a significantly large amount of potential RFI from ever reaching the equipment's ground plane, whether that piece of equipment is hifi-based, home cinema or otherwise. AudioQuest ensures that this cable is truly protected from these interferences by using both metal and carbon-loaded synthetics in 3-layer design, preventing most RFI from ever reaching the ground plane of the electrical component.

Who is Audioquest?

AudioQuest is one of the most well-regarded cable manufacturers in the world, with each cable seeing a level of meticulous detail in both its aesthetic construction, as well as intuitive engineering within to provide an impressive performance. Regardless of whether the cable in question be an analogue or digital interconnect, speaker cable, subwoofer cable or anything with Audioquest's badge on it - only the finest quality materials and construction expertise are used to form an exceptional, industry-leading product.

Conductor  Solid 100% Silver
Insulation Hard-Cell Foam
Shield Coverage CARBON-BASED
Jacket • Up to 3.0m - Braided

• 5.0m and Longer - CMG Rated Charcoal PVC
Type • 0.6m to 10.0m - High Speed with Ethernet;
12.0m to 20.0m - Standard Speed with Ethernet
• MHL Carbon to Standard HDMI
is available on the next page.
Samsung to USB Micro Adaptor Included


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