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How to choose a hifi amplifier

Yamaha AS500 hi-fi amplifier

Yamaha AS500 hi-fi amplifier

The hi-fi amplifier is really the heart or hub of your hi-fi separates system, as it accepts inputs from all of your audio sources, and then selects them according to your wishes, allowing you the ability to control volume, bass, treble and balance and several other functions we will look at in more detail later. Continue reading


Rod Kelly Trio performing at Hereford Courtyard

We are regular supporters of the Saturday lunchtime Jazz session at the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford.

The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford

The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford

Today, we witnessed a terrific performance by this trio of excellent musicians headed up by Rod Kelly on electric piano and vocal. Their informative site can be found at rod kelly trio

Outstanding Pianist and Vocalist Rod Kelly

Outstanding Pianist and Vocalist Rod Kelly

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Denon D-M38DAB award for best microsystem up to £400 ‘2011’

One of our favourite CD/ Receiver micro systems, the Denon D-M38DAB has just won the latest WHAT HI*FI award for best micro systems . This is a very well-sorted, cost-effective system. We couldn’t put it better ourselves, and at our price of £199 with out speakers or £280 with the Denon SCM37 speakers with free UK delivery, they are selling very quickly indeed.



Cheak out all the “WHAT HI*FI”  2011 award winners on our website in stock to buy today !

Best sub-32 in TV = Panasonic TX-L24E3
Best 32in TV = Samsung UE32D6530
Best Budgetv40-42in TV =Samsung UE40D5520
Best Premium 40-42in TV = Panasonic TX-P42GT30
Best 46-47in TV = Panasonic TX-P46GT30
Best 50-52in TV = Panasonic TX-P50GT30
Best 52in +TV = Panasonic TX-P55VT30
Product of the year
Panasonic TX-P42GT30

Best Projector up to £1500 = BenQ W1200
Best Projector £1500- £2500 = Epson EH-TW4400
Best Projector £2500 + = Panasonic PT-AT5000E
Product of the year
BenQ W1200

CD Players
Best CD Player up to £500 = Marantz CD6004
Best CD player £500- £1000 = Audiolab 8200CD
Best CD player £1000+ = Roksan Caspian M2
Product of the year
Audiolab 8200CD

Music streamers
Best streamer up to £1000 = Cambridge Audio NP30
Best streamer£100- £2500 = Cyrus Stream XP
Best streamer £2500+ =Naim NDX
Best multiroom streamer = Sonos
Best streaming system up to £2000 = Cyrus Streamline
Best streaming system £2000+ =Naim Uniti
Product of the year
Cambridge Audio NP30

Digital TV Receivers & Recorders
Best Freeview HD Receiver = Humax HD-Fox T2
Best Freeview HD Recorder = Samsung BD-DT7800
Best Freesat Recorder = Samsung SMT-S7800
Best Satellite Recorder = SKY+HD 1TB
Best Cable Recorder = Virgin Media TIVO
Product of the year
Samsung BD-DT7800

Best DAc up to £200 = HRT Music Streamer II
Best DAC £200- £400 = Arcam rDAC
Best DAC £400 + = Audiolab M-DAC
Product of the year
Audiolab M-DAC

Best in-ear up to £40 = SoundMagic E10
Best in-ears £40- £80 = Beyerdynamic DTX 101iE
Best in-ears £80- £140 = Beyerdynamic MMX 101iE
Best in-ear £140 + = Klipsch Image X10i
Best Portable on-ears up to £50 = Panasonic RP-HTX7
Best Portable on-ear £50-£150 = AKG450
Best Portable on-ear £150+ = Beyerdynamic T50p
Best Home on-ears up to £150 = Grado SR80i
Best Home on-ears £150+ = Grado SR325is
Best Noise-cancelling headphones = Bose QuietComfort 15
Best Wireless Headphones = Sennheiser PXC310 BT
Product of the year

Home Cinema Amplifiers
Best home cinema amplifier up to £350 = Sony STR-DH820
Best home cinema amplifier £350 – £700 = Onkyo TX-NR609
Best home cinema amplifier £700 – £1500 = Pioneer VSX-LX55
Best home cinema amplifier £1500+ = Pioneer SC-LX85
Product of the year
Onkyo TX-NR609

Speaker Packages
Best Traditional package up to £700 = Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 pack
Best Traditional package £700 – £1500 = Dali Zensor 5 5.1
Best Traditional package £1500 – £2500 = Monitor Audio Silver RX6 AV12
Best Traditional package £2500 + = B&W CM9 Theatre
Best Style package up to £600 = Tannoy HTS-101
Best Style package £600 – £1200 = Q Acoustics Q7000
Best Style package£1200 – £2000 = Dali Fazon 3 5.1
Best Style package £2000 + =Monitor Audio Apex
Product of the year
Q Acoustics Q7000

Best media player = Apple iPod Touch
Best Smartphone = Samsung Galaxy S II
Best tablet = Apple iPad 2
Product of the year
Samsung Galaxy S II

Stereo Amplifiers
Best stereo amp up to £400 = Marantz PM6004
Best stereo amp £400 – £700 = Rega Brio-R
Best stereo amp £700 – £1000 = Roksan Kandy K2
Best stereo amp £1000 + = Roksan Caspian M2
Product of the year
Marantz PM6004

Best DAB/FM radio = Vita R1 mkII
Best internet radio up to £150 = Pure One Flow
Best internet radio £150 + = Revo Axis
Product of the year
Revo Axis

Best microsystem up to £400 = Denon D-M38DAB
Best microsystem £400 + = Marantz M-CR603
Best home cinema system up to £500 = Panasonic SC-BT370
Best home cinema system £500 + = LG HX976TZW
Best Soundbar = Yamaha YSP-2200
Best all-in-one music system = Vita R4i
Product of the year
Yamaha YSP-2200

Yamaha YSP2200 in stock

Yamaha YSP2200 in stock

iPod Docks
Best iPod Dock up to £150 = Logitech S715i
Best iPod Dock £150 – £400 = Arcam rCube
Best iPod Dock £400 + = Geneva Sound System Model M
Product of the year
Geneva Sound System Model M

Best turntable up to £400 = Rega RP1
Best turntable £400 – £1000 = Rega RP3
Best turntable £1000 + = Clearaudio Concept
Product of the year
Clearaudio Concept

Cables & Accessories
Best speaker stands = Custom Design FS104 Signature
Best equipment support = Hi-Fi Racks podium range
Best hesdphone amplifier = Graham Slee Novo
Best Phono stage = Leema Elements
Best buget desktop speakers = Sound Science Frankenspiel FS-1
Best premium desktop speakers = B&W MM1
Best hybrid device = Furutech ADL GT40
Best universal remote control = Logitech Harmony One
Best content app = BBC iPlayer
Best USB cable = Furutech Formula 2
Best speaker cable = Chord Company Carnival Silverscreen
Best analogue interconnect = Chord Company Crimsonplus
Best digital interconnect = QED Performance Optical
Best HDMI cable = AudioQuest Pearl
Product of the year
Furutech ADL GT40

BLU-RAY Players
Best Blu-Ray player up to £120 = Sony BDP- S380
Best Blu-Ray player £120 – £300 = Panasonic DMP=BDT210
Best Blu-Ray player £300 + = Denon DBP-2012UD
Product of the year
Panasonic DMP=BDT210

Stereo Speakers & Subwoofers
Best Stereo speaker up to £200 = Q Acoustics 2020i
Best Stereo speaker £200 – £350 = Monitor Audio Bronze BX2
Best Floorstander £350 – £700 = Tannoy Mercury V4
Best Standmounter £350 – £700 = KEF Q300
Best floorstander £700 – £1500 = Tannoy Revolution DC6T
Best standmounter £700 – £1500 = ATC SCM11
Best Floorstander £1500 + = Proac Responce D18
Best standmounter £1500 + = B&W PM1
Best subwoofer up to £700 = B&W ASW610
Best Subwoofer £700 + = Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra
Product of the year
KEF Q300

Readers Award
Spotify Premium





B&W CCM616 in-ceiling speakers


It may be the baby of the Bower and Wilkins range, but the B&W CCM616 provides so much performance for the money (£149 per pair) that we use them widely in Sonos multi-room music systems. They are full range speakers which can delivery decent bass, and offer a fine sound quality. They are quite deep at 103mm so you will need to check that you have sufficient space in the ceiling void.