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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  1. Roksan trade in deal

    For those loyal audiophiles who own 'classic' Roksan CD player models DP-1, Attessa or original Caspian, working or not, we are offering, for a limited time, £700 off the price of a brand new, award winning Roksan M2 Caspian CD player which normally retails for £1649.

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  2. Repair of a Musical Fidelity Elektra E100

    Musical Fidelity Electra E100 integrated amplifier

    Last month a customer presented a nicely preserved Musical Fidelity Elektra E100 integrated amplifier for repair - the fault was that there was considerable mains hum audible from the loudspeakers on all inputs.

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  3. Arcam FMJ A38 integrated amplifier circuit diagram/ service manual

    An excellent, reliable and good sounding amplifier from Arcam.

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  4. Video review of Marantz M-CR603 streaming mini hi-fi system

    Here Tom looks in detail at the features, functions and connectivity of this What Hifi award winning mini hi-fi system.

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