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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  1. Onkyo TX-NR414 AV Receiver

    A quick look at the Onkyo TX-NR414 Streaming AV Receiver


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  2. Pictures of the New Showroom in Hereford

    Hello everyone!

    Here are a few pictures of the new showroom in Hereford. We hope that you like it! Keep an eye out on the blog and Youtube channel (HifiGearVideos) for further updates...

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  3. How to Audition Hi-Fi Equipment

    How to Audition Hi-Fi Equipment

    In this blog entry of ‘How to’, we are going to look into various ways of auditioning audio equipment that could be your potential candidates when purchasing new Hi-Fi components.

    Adopting these simple rules will help to ensure that you give all of your choices a firm but fair test. After all, we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed in the purchase that you may wish to make. Remember, a Hi-Fi is designed to bring your music to life; and it’s not the one for you if it does not do just that!

    Before entering a demonstration room it is a very wise idea to do some research on what the Hi-Fi market has to offer with your budget in mind. We can help by providing both factual information and our own personal opinions too.

    Still, the proof is in the listening!When auditioning a Hi-Fi system, or component, place yoursel

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  4. Bargain Hunting With Hifi Gear

    At Hifi Gear we do love a bargain. And, as we love bargains so much, we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to get one.

    Since moving to Hereford we have become part of Truffle Herefordshire: the exclusive discount to customers with businesses within Herefordshire. Our discount is open to Truffle Card holders and they can expect, if they are one of the first 100 customers through our doors, a 10% discount when they purchase anything over £50. This means that you can now treat yourself to something special - and we can help you in finding that unique Hi-Fi, Home Cinema or Accessory. Your discount can become a great asset because we can supply vast ranges from many leading brands with a 2-year guarantee to reassure your peace-of-mind.

    Apart from our unique Truffle discount, we host a range of ‘end-of-the-line’ products which range from Speakers

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  5. Hifi Gear - The Move. The Video


    A look at the new Shop in Rotherwas, Hereford.




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  6. A Big Hello from Hifi Gear in Hereford!

    Don’t Panic! We’re over here…

    Although we’ve had many, many years of enjoyable trade in Gloucester, we could not refuse an opportunity to move into a unit that allowed us to work more effectively and one which allows us to continue to supply Hi-Fi and Home Cinema equipment much more efficiently than ever before. However, we do miss the friendly atmosphere that Gloucester had given us when we started back in 2003 (yes, it is that long ago)! Now that we’ve relocated to Herefordshire, we still feel at home and hope to continue to supply customers new and old with leading brands of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products.

    Now that we are in Rotherwas, Herefordshire, we can offer an even better shopping experience than we did before. We now have plentiful parking, with no limits on time or any charges, a more defined show room in which we have more consistency of our ra

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