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How to Audition Hi-Fi Equipment

How to Audition Hi-Fi Equipment

In this blog entry of ‘How to’, we are going to look into various ways of auditioning audio equipment that could be your potential candidates when purchasing new Hi-Fi components.

Adopting these simple rules will help to ensure that you give all of your choices a firm but fair test. After all, we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed in the purchase that you may wish to make. Remember, a Hi-Fi is designed to bring your music to life; and it’s not the one for you if it does not do just that!

Before entering a demonstration room it is a very wise idea to do some research on what the Hi-Fi market has to offer with your budget in mind. We can help by providing both factual information and our own personal opinions too.

Still, the proof is in the listening!When auditioning a Hi-Fi system, or component, place yourself in an equipped demonstration room (just like we have at Hifi Gear). A properly equipped room is designed to reflect the performance of a chosen Hi-Fi candidate at its best.

  1. Sit on a comfortable sofa and ensure that you’re placed centrally between both speakers. (Both speakers should be an equal distance apart too).
  2. Now that you are comfortable, choose to rendition a choice of music that you are familiar with and enjoy. If your music choice seems to perform better than it did before, remember to look consider it further. If it doesn’t live up to expectations and fails to meet your requirements, look into other alternative systems on offer.
  3. If your music sounds good with the EQ flat, try adjusting it to your taste as this should help to show what the system can do when it is set to your preferred listening set-up
  4. If you require a second opinion, extra advice and guidance, always ask the person on hand to help you with your requirements. They are there to assist with exceptional advice that they have earned through training and self-taught experience too.
  5. Once you have heard all of your desired contenders, have a reflection of what they can and what they cannot do. If you need to reconsider, listen again and then ask for alternative if you cannot find what you are looking for.

At Hifi Gear we can assist with researching potential candidates and can demonstrate a wide range of products within our new demonstration room that we have readily on display within the shop. Why not contact us today and book yourself in for a demonstration today?


Bargain Hunting With Hifi Gear

At Hifi Gear we do love a bargain. And, as we love bargains so much, we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to get one.

Since moving to Hereford we have become part of Truffle Herefordshire: the exclusive discount to customers with businesses within Herefordshire. Our discount is open to Truffle Card holders and they can expect, if they are one of the first 100 customers through our doors, a 10% discount when they purchase anything over £50. This means that you can now treat yourself to something special – and we can help you in finding that unique Hi-Fi, Home Cinema or Accessory. Your discount can become a great asset because we can supply vast ranges from many leading brands with a 2-year guarantee to reassure your peace-of-mind.

Apart from our unique Truffle discount, we host a range of ‘end-of-the-line’ products which range from Speakers to Hi-Fi components and Micro-Systems to Home Cinema Receivers. All of them are from great manufacturers, such as Pioneer, Yamaha and B&W. These are too name only but a few. See our list below to discover something you may be interested in. All boxed items are supported by the 2-year guarantee that we mentioned earlier. Who knows, a great bargain could be achieved! Wouldn’t that be something worthwhile?

End-of-Line Bargains:





B&W M1 first gen (Silver with Silver Stand)


Please contact us with reference to this item.

B&W M1 first gen (Black with Silver Stand)


Please contact us with reference to this item.

Pioneer NAS5 iPod Speaker System in Red



Pioneer NAW1 Slim Speaker System for iPod in Black



Pioneer X-HM50-k CD Receiver System



Pioneer NAC3 Digital Speaker System for iPod



Pioneer s-31 B-LR-k Speaker System


Please contact us with reference to this item.

Pioneer HTP-FS500 Front Surround System



Pioneer HTP610 5.1 Package



Tannoy Mercury V4 Floorstanders



KEF 1xHTS/HTC500 1.2



TEAC CR-H255 CD Receiver



Pioneer HTB520 AV Package



Yamaha RXV-671 AV Receiver



Monitor Audio RX2 Bookshelf Speakers in Black Ash



Monitor Audio RX8 Floor-standing Speakers in Black Ash



Monitor Audio RX6 Floor-standing Speakers in Black Ash



Monitor Audio GX50 Bookshelf Speakers



Monitor Audio GX100 Stands (for GX50 Models)



Monitor Audio iDeck 100



Monitor Audio iDeck 200



Monitor Audio BX5



Monitor Audio Radius 90HD Speakers Home Cinema Surround/Small Main



Monitor Audio Radius 45HD Home Cinema Satellite/Small Main Speakers




Monitor Audio GX200 Floor-standing Speakers



Monitor Audio Bookshelf Speakers in Black Ash



Why not take a look at our
‘Clearance’ section on the Hifi Gear Website? We also have exclusive videos with a look at the Monitor Audio iDeck 200 & iDeck 100. For further details with regards to the above clearance items, please contact us. Our details are available from the ‘Contact Us’ section of the Hifi Gear website.



A Big Hello from Hifi Gear in Hereford!

Don’t Panic! We’re over here…

Although we’ve had many, many years of enjoyable trade in Gloucester, we could not refuse an opportunity to move into a unit that allowed us to work more effectively and one which allows us to continue to supply Hi-Fi and Home Cinema equipment much more efficiently than ever before. However, we do miss the friendly atmosphere that Gloucester had given us when we started back in 2003 (yes, it is that long ago)! Now that we’ve relocated to Herefordshire, we still feel at home and hope to continue to supply customers new and old with leading brands of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products.

Now that we are in Rotherwas, Herefordshire, we can offer an even better shopping experience than we did before. We now have plentiful parking, with no limits on time or any charges, a more defined show room in which we have more consistency of our ranges, a unique demonstration room which is more neutral in its acoustics and a customer waiting area in which they can enjoy a fresh, hot beverage and relax in front of one of our HD Loewe televisions as they consider their choice of purchase.

Rotherwas is a fantastic location for traders as we are all located in a location that is easy to travel to and one that allows us to distribute much more proficiently. This means that we can now order stock in sooner and then distribute at a greater rate soon afterwards. Also, being located where we are now, we can deliver goods of a sufficient size in our own van – meaning that those with difficulties travelling or those who require that extra helping-hand can now be assured that we will deliver safely and soundly. Also, if required, and if your purchase is of an advanced nature, we can help by offering our professional installation service; all that we require is a cup of tea or two…

Naturally, in any relocation of a business, we do have to say good-bye and wish well to our long-serving team members, Geoff Perrett and Chris Porter. However, we are extremely proud to be joined by new members in Rotherwas, Jamie Grindrod and Alex Maher. Both continue from where Chris and Geoff left-off with valuable expertise that they have earned from previous positions within the AV sector. They are only too happy to share their exclusive and professional knowledge with us and you as well!

The stockroom is filled to the brim, the showroom has plenty of goodies on show at very competitive rates and the team are waiting. Of course, the kettle is on the boil and the biscuits are waiting on the plate. So, why not pop down to us and see what we have to offer? You never know, there could be that special something that may tickle your interest. From iPod docks and accessories, to audiophile Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products, we have a lot to offer.

If we don’t appear to have it, please do not be shy! We can order, supply and then help with any aspect of your Hi-Fi and Home Cinema requirements, guaranteed!

Although we’ve changed location, we haven’t changed our dedication to serving you with knowledge, expertise, exceptional products and a friendly aftersales service.

So, let’s celebrate many more years of service with Hifi Gear – where clarity is found beyond the listening!


Tom Parker

Sales & Website Admin