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Sennheiser RS 220 Headphone Review

Review by Stephen Goode of Hifi Gear

Since my time with Hifi Gear, I have reviewed a number of high quality Sennheiser products (including the luxurious and sophisticated Momentum model, and the space-age and intricately designed HD700’s). I recently decided to ‘cut the cord’ with conventional headphone set-ups, and experience a wireless quality headset. The Sennheiser RS 220. Continue reading


Arcam rBlink Review

Design & Construction

As you’d expect from Arcam, the rBlink DAC is a very well-built little unit, with a small, discrete design, comprising a solid aluminium case with a rubberised bottom panel. Having the outputs one end (a coaxial and stereo RCA) and the power, aerial & Bluetooth sync button the other makes it easy to slip into most systems without getting in the way, unless you are syncing multiple devices to it on a regular basis. Continue reading