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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  1. How to correctly terminate Naim NAC A5 speaker cable with Naim twin banana plugs

    As a new Naim dealer in summer 2013, we first encountered Naim NAC A5 speaker cable quite recently.

    NAC A5 white, black also available NAC A5 white, black also available

    It is highly regarded by Naim audiophiles and recommended for use with Naim Audio systems, as it provides the perfect combination of electrical resistance, capacitance and inductance to get the most musically satisfying result from Naim products, be it a Nait 5Si, Naim Uniti Nova or even the mighty NAP 250 power amp.

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  2. Alchemist Forseti APD15A RC Integrated amplifier

    We recently had a customer present this faulty Alchemist Forseti integrated amp for repair - I'd guess this dates from the 1990's and has been well looked after. It's a bit of a bruiser as you can see from the extensive heatsinking!


    Alcemist Forseti integrated amplifier Alcemist Forseti integrated amplifier

    Unfortunately it developed a DC fault on the loudspeaker outputs and destroyed the customers speakers, so it's now in the naughty corner awaiting surgery.

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  3. Quad 909

    Quad 909 reveals itself Quad 909 reveals itself

    We just had to have a look inside this recently part exchanged Quad 909 power amplifier - a powerful beast, superbly constructed from the finest materials.

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  4. Hifi Gear's Guide to Files & Formats

    Guide to Formats & Files - Hifi Gear


    Hifi Gear's Guide to Files & Formats By Stephen Goode


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