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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  1. HDMI transmission over cat 5

    Sky HD on Samsung UE55H7000 flatscreen TV Sky HD on Samsung UE55H7000 flatscreen TV

    We recently installed a home cinema system for a customer where one of the existing sources was a SKY HD box. This box was to provide an HDMI feed not only to the home cinema system we installed, but also three other flat screen TV's in the home, some of which were approaching 100m away from the SKY box.  In these situations, it is not possible to reliably transmit HDMI signals further than about 20m with an HDMI cable, and a different approach is required.

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  2. #HifiGearHeadphones - Win Your Money Back!



    Have you bought a pair of headphones from us in the last month or so?

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  3. Programming the Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote control for your home cinema system

    Harmony UltimateRecently, we installed a home cinema system featuring two displays in the same room, a LCD projector and a LCD flat screen TV, both fed from an AV receiver with main and Zone 2 HDMI outputs. In setting out to program the Harmony Ultimate remote to control the system, we encountered a number of potential 'banana skins' which I thought you AV enthusiasts might benefit from knowing about, should you decide to get your own Harmony Ultimate.

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