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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  1. Shop Move: Instalment 6

    The Rotherwas store is thinning out by the day, as the display stock is being reboxed and the display shelves and units are transported to King Street. The King Street store is looking more and more like HifiGear's home, with the downstairs demonstration room essentially finished and the shelving ready for products.

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  2. Shop Move: Instalment 4

    The new shop is becoming less and less like an empty building and more and more like a shop every day. Floorboards sanded and stained, shelving put up, plinths installed, and now our white display wall is up and ready for equipment.


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  3. Shop Move: Instalment 3

    The shop on King Street has progressed further, now bearing a newly stained set of floorboards, ready for some footfall.



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  4. Shop Move: Instalment 2

    The shelving's down and the Rotherwas store is looking rather bare... But the new shop on King Street is certainly coming together!


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  5. We're Moving Physical Premises!

    We are proud to announce that due to the significant growth of our online and in-store business, we are relocating the shop-front to a new premises.

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