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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  1. Window display using five 8x8 LED matrices, MAX7219 drivers and PIC 16f690 microcontroller

    This project was created to promote our new vinyl record department in our Hereford store, the idea being to place this scrolling text message display in the shop window to entice customers to browse. As you can see from the short video below, I've yet to build the final display project - what you see is a breadboard prototype.


    Any message can be displayed within reason - it is simply edited from within the firmware. One of the challenges of this project was the fact that although there are many scrolling text projects to be found on the web and shown on You Tube, they invariably use pre-built software display libraries to cope with the driving of the 8x8 matrix displays, the communication between the microcontroller and MAX7219 display driver, and then the animation of the text - these libraries give you no real insight into what is actually going on inside the microcontroller.

    I wanted to 'roll my own' display/

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  2. Quad In-Store Trade-In Deal (Now Finished)



    Quad are renowned for designing and engineering some of the most impressive sounding and longest-lasting hifi components on the market, a reputation they have developed over 80 years of experience, tradition and gruelling product development. It may sometimes be difficult to justify upgrading your system; while technology as a whole and Quad, in particular, have grown and improved immensely over the years - your thirty year old Quad system still sounds as good as the day you bought it... But Quad are now offering two very good intensives to move on your old system and experience sound like never before...


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