Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Hifi Gear

Valentine's Day at Hifi Gear


It can be tricky finding the right gift to express your love on Valentine’s Day. The obvious answer would be jewellery, or flowers, or a little vacation. While these are excellent ways of showing your loved one how much you care, why not do something slightly less conventional – and give him/her the gift of music?


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Hifi for Him


If you’re struggling for gift ideas this Valentine’s Day, then you should definitely consider treating him to a bit of hifi. High quality music and a dynamic film experience is an excellent choice. To help you make the best choice for his hifi/home cinema needs; we’ve listed our recommendations below:



Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

The P5 from Bowers & Wilkins are a slight step-up from the P3’s, offering a more dynamic listening experience while also taking up a bit more room in your pocket. British hifi manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins are famous for the level of warmth in the sound of their equipment, while also retaining a phenomenal amount of detail and clarity.


KEF X300A Active Speakers

If you’re enthusiastic about music and use your PC or laptop to listen to your collection, the X300A speakers from KEF should be a major consideration. They plug directly in to your laptop/PC via USB, and don’t need any separate amplifier. There’s also a wireless alternative, with various connectivity options.


Sonos Play:5

The Play:5 is the largest (excluding the Play:Bar) Sonos component, consisting of two highly capable midrange drivers, a powerful subwoofer and two delicately designed tweeters. This excellent sound quality, combined with the flexibility and ease-of-use that Sonos software provides, makes this wireless music system an excellent gift.


Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

The Zeppelin Air has been described as the iPod docking station that the other manufacturers try to copy, as it is generally considered to be the best sounding ipod speaker on the market. It also utilises AirPlay functionality, making it the ideal companion for an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac system.


Arcam irDAC


The irDAC from Arcam is generally thought to be an improved version of the British hifi company’s rDac but this is a misconception, as the irDAC borrows more technology and resembles a similar quality from the company’s flagship D33 dac, while in a more compact and discrete design. The irDAC is often described as the best dac in its price range having won many awards, and even rivals similar products way above its class.


Rotel RA-12 Integrated Amplifier

Rotel have been a high quality amplifier manufacturer for many years, developing a great level of experience and refining their expertise as they go. The RA-12 is a prime example of how knowledgeable Rotel are, when it comes to high quality hifi products. The RA-12 uses 60w per channel, and comes with a tiny Bluetooth dongle, for added wireless functionality.


Pioneer BDP-140 BluRay Player


The BDP-140 from Pioneer is an entry level, high quality Blu Ray player. Bring your movies to life without compromise, packed with features; 3D compatibility and networking functionality.


Yamaha YAS-201 Soundbar & Subwoofer


The YAS-201 from Yamaha is is a two-component system composed of a soundbar and a wireless subwoofer which produces 160W of total power, available in gloss black or gloss white finish to match the latest flat screen TV’s. Clear, realistic, all-enveloping surround sound from the soundbar and deep bass from the subwoofer that has been tuned to match the soundbar ensure high audio performance from TV and BluRay discs.


Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones



The P7’s are similar in appearance to their other P-siblings (P3 and P5 on-ear models), but with larger ear-cups. Reviews proclaim that the P7’s boast an exceedingly luxurious build quality, with firm-grip headband and ear cup traits – all the while, not compromising on comfort. According to Bowers & Wilkins, the P7 makes use of a specially designed dual-cavity construction, which helps the ear-pads to mould to the specific features of the wearer’s head and ears. The P7’s also apparently maintain a consistent volume of air between the drive unit and the surface of the ear at both sides of the wearer’s head. This is to enhance the stereofield and help the listener to achieve the best possible sound from the headphones


Yamaha RX-V375 AV Receiver

Yamaha have designed the RX-V375 for ease of use and full-scale AV entertainment with outstanding Yamaha sound quality, from features such as the unit’s Discrete Amp Circuit Design and many convenient functions including YPAO, SCENE and USB input for iPhone/iPod. When combined with a capable surround sound speaker package, the V375 will truly immerse you in to your favourite film.



Hifi for Her


If your wife, girlfriend, or partner is enthusiastic about music or home cinema, then it’s only right that she have a capable piece of equipment to play her music or watch her favourite films or shows on. Treat her this Valentine’s Day by bringing her music collection to life:


Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones


The P3 headphones are the entry-level headphone set in the British hifi manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins’ highly capable and well-regarded headphone range. The P3’s are available in a lustrous black, a pure white, an impacting blue and a silky red finish. They’re a small set with a big and dynamic sound, and with the additional folding functionality – ideal for the listener on the go.


Ruark R2i Table-Top Stereo Radio


The R2i from Ruark is an audiophile grade iPod dock and radio. The R2i utilises DAB, DAB+ and FM tuning, with an additional 3.5mm input for other audio devices, and a separate dedicated headphone socket for private listening. The top panel universal ipod dock allows you to connect a number of Apple devices, while the R2i’s remote control allows you to manipulate the volume, inputs and more from a distance


Sonos Play:1 Wireless Music System


The Play:1 is the smallest speaker in Sonos’ innovative and revolutionary wireless system. The Play:1 is discrete and compact in size, but vast and detailed in terms of sound quality and volume. Ideal for placing on top of a kitchen cupboard, or placing in the corner of a room.


Bowers & Wilkins A5 Wireless Music System


Bowers & Wilkins are renowned for their warm, smooth and detailed sound. The A5 is no exception to this, despite its compact design. This AirPlay speaker is the ideal solution for people requiring a high quality sound from a wireless and compact box design.


Denon DM39DAB Mini-System (With Mission MX1 Loudspeakers)

The DM39DAB is an excellent all-in-one micro hifi system, and when combined with the Mission MX1 speakers – a true bargain. Excellent sound quality, with a vast number of functions and features; including DAB radio and CD.


Momentum On-Ear Headphones


The On-Ear model of Sennheiser’s critically acclaimed Momentum headphones from their prestigious Club Orpheus premium range sees that excellent and world-famous sound quality, in a more compact and stylish design. The On-Ear Momentum headphones are available in a vast multitude of colours.


Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Computer Speakers


Similar the A5 in design, the MM-1 computer speakers connect straight to your desktop PC or laptop via USB, and begin to relay your computer’s music library in a high-quality Bowers & Wilkins fashion. Excellent audiophile quality sound, with a premium and unique aesthetic appearance.


Connect Amp + In-Ceiling Speakers


The ultimate in flexible and discrete home-audio. When combining a Sonos Connect Amp with a pair of in-ceiling speakers (perhaps the KEF Ci160CR), you given the ability listen to your favourite songs without intrusive boxes getting in the way. The Sonos capability means you are able to play music from any smartphone, tablet, or PC in several rooms at once when used in conjunction with other Sonos components – or in one room at a time.


Loewe Connect 26 SL


Loewe televisions are renowned for their stylish appearance and capable Smart TV software. A Connect 26 SL would be an excellent addition to a kitchen or dining room, with its non-intrusive 26 inches of size, catching up with the latest shows whilst entertaining guests or cooking a meal is a simple activity, while it’s award winning aesthetic appearance will surely compliment your viewing room.


Denon DHT-T100 Soundbase

Unfortunately, as televisions get thinner and thinner; so does the speaker drivers integrated within them. The soundbar market has boomed recently, allowing home cinema enthusiasts to enjoy the best possible sound from their television without the need to implement a subwoofer, satellite speakers and an AV receiver to the viewing room. However, soundbars can still be fairly intrusive, and may not be ideal depending on how low or high up your television is. Denon’s resolution to this issue is the DHT-T100 soundbase. Your television sits comfortably on the soundbase, saving space and reanimating the sound quality of your favourite films and televisions show. The DHT-T100 takes special care to elevate the volume of voices, while retaining the dynamic punch needed in action films – creating a careful sound balance of both loud and bass-filled explosions with delicate voices.



Hifi for Sharing


Sit down this Valentine’s Day and enjoy your favourite music and video together. We’ve compiled a short list of gifts we think would be an excellent way to spend time together this Valentine’s, while listening to your favourite songs or watching your favourite films.


Musical Fidelity M1-HPA


Sit down together with a pair of headphones, plug them into the Musical Fidelity M1-HPA and simply drift away together in your favourite songs. Thanks to the headphone amp’s two inputs, you can both listen to the same source at the same time.


Project Elemental Turntable



There’s something therapeutic about vinyl in general; it’s warm, smooth sound, the hypnotic way the record spins on a turntable. Enjoy your favourite records together, with this entry-level turntable from Project.


KEF E-305 Surround Sound Speaker Package

Cuddling up on the sofa and watching a film is a great way to spend Valentines Day.  Do it properly with KEF’s high-quality surround sound speaker package, the E305 will provide a truly immersive experience, no matter what style of film.


Pioneer VSX-923 AV Receiver


Pioneer’s VSX-923 is a 3D compatible, 7.2 channel home cinema receiver that delivers a multitude of features and an exceptional amount of quality, with both 4K pass through and up-scaling. A large number of networking options and connectivity options make this unit the idea receiver for any high-end home entertainment system. The heart of any good home cinema system is the receiver; the VSX-923 is an excellent choice for the movie enthusiast.


Project Debut Carbon Turntable

For the vinyl-enthusiastic couple, this slightly higher end turntable should provide better results than the Elemental – for those audiophile couples who wish to be truly enveloped by the warmth of a vinyl recording.




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