Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D Home Cinema System

Bowers & Wilkins are renowned for their commitment to sound quality and classy design, having developed some of the most beautiful loudspeakers on the market today. The MT-60D is a discreet home-theatre system, designed and engineered to offer an immersive listening experience while also retaining an unobtrusive profile within your home cinema environment. 


M-1 and PV1D White - Living Room

The MT-60D comprises of five M-1 satellite loudspeakers and the highly acclaimed flagship sub; the ‘PV1D’. The result is a stunning level of power, balanced flawlessly with crisp detail and rounded with the level of finesse and control that Bowers & Wilkins are famous for.

When designing the PV1D, Bowers & Wilkins decided to think (literally) outside of the box and use a bubble-based design which they claim is the ‘natural way of containing internal pressures without resorting to corners and edges’. The PV1D will maximise power, while ensuring that air pressures are dispersed evenly around a rigid and continuous shell – drastically reducing parasitic vibrations that may otherwise compromise the performance of the subwoofer.


M-1 and PV1D Black - Living Room

The PV1D is not all muscle though and possesses more of a brain than most subwoofers on the market today. Using the digital touch-screen display on the sub itself, you are able to fine-tune and control the response of the subwoofer with more precision than was previously possible. While you are able to manually adjust the EQ of the subwoofer to your preference, a range of Bowers & Wilkins specific presets are also featured within the PV1D. If you are using a full M-1 surround sound set-up, you can tell the PV1D to adjust its settings to integrate within that system, and the same goes when using a CM series or 600 series home theatre package.

The M-1 satellites themselves were designed around the principles of a unified system. Featuring a Bowers & Wilkins custom engineered crossover, state-of-the-art drive units (including a Nautilus loaded tweeter unit) and a robust, quality-built cabinet, the M-1 is an embodiment to B&W’s commitment to delivering the best possible product for the best possible price. The M-1 is also highly versatile and can be placed on a bookshelf (table stand included), rotated horizontally to be used as a centre speaker, wall-mounted (wall-mount included) or placed on an optional floorstand.
M-1 White Stereo - Living Room



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