Getting Started with Bowers & Wilkins – P5 Wireless

Edit 25/02/20: Bowers & Wilkins have now introduced their replacements the PX5 Wireless Headphones

On July 1st 2015, Bowers & Wilkins added a new addition to their critically acclaimed, award-winning headphone family; the P5 Wireless.

The P5 Wireless takes the same driver technology and innovative sound originally seen with the P5 Series 2 and implements lossless, aptX Bluetooth wireless technology for a Bowers’ most convenient listening experience to date.


When our display pair arrived, the first thing we did was pop them into charge via the supplied USB cable – after about an hour, they were ready for use. To turn the headphones on, simply slide the ‘On/Off’ button down, at which point a blue LED will pulse, indicating that the headphones are ready to be connected to a device.

Slide the button down to turn the headset on or off

This sliding on/off button also possess a push-down function. Pushing this button down, as opposed to sliding it across, will tell the headphone to search for a new device as indicated by a faster flashing blue LED. Open up your smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth enabled PC/Laptop’s Bluetooth menu and ‘Scan for Devices’. P5 Wireless will promptly show up on the list, and once selected will be ready to go!

Push the slider inwards as a button and hold to initiate pairing to the device.

All of the device’s audio from this point will output directly to the headphones, whether the audio in question be streamed from Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Soundcloud, your device’s music playback app, or even phone calls. Thanks to the P5 Wireless’ integrated microphone, these calls are crisp and detailed through the headphones, both on the receiving and sending end of the conversation. To answer a call, simply press the central button found between the volume up/down buttons. This central button also acts as a Play/Pause control when listening to music.

Play, pause, and adjust the volume of your music, or answer calls using the on-board controls.

Bowers & Wilkins have thought of everything. When fully charged the P5 Wireless will provide 17 hours of continuous battery life. Should you forget to charge them before your long-haul flight or journey – simply take the magnetic ear-pad off of the left cup and plug in the supplied headphone cable, to turn your P5 Wireless into the P5 Series 2. Removing this ear-pad also shows off the innovative and highly regarded ‘speaker-like’ driver unit.

Should you forget to charge your P5 Wireless, simply remove the magnetic left ear-cap and insert the supplied headphone cable and pop the cap back on.


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