Ortofon Quintet Series Cartridges



Ortofon are a Danish manufacturer of high quality phono cartridges, designed to get the very most out of your vinyl collection from a variety of price points. Ortofon cartridges, both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil configuration are commonly found supplied with high quality ProJect turntable models, but Ortofon cartridges sound exceptional with any compatible turntable


The Quintet Series is Ortofon’s range of quality Moving Coil cartridges and are the result of years of relentless product development, research and continued innovation. Each model within the Quintet series has its own specific sound style and signature, but all of them follow the same philosophy of outstanding performance and retain true to Ortofon’s commitment to refining the analogue domain to a superlative level.


The Quintet range comprises of the MC Quintet Mono, MC Quintet Red, MC Quintet Blue, MC Quintet Bronze and the MC Quintet Black. The body of each cartridge is built from a specialised ABS thermoplastic material. This is a lightweight but impact-resistant plastic, very suitable for injection moulding, allowing for a durable and scratch-resistant surface.


Featuring neodymium magnet technology, the Quintet MC range is able to achieve the ideal output while the low internal impedance allows for a less sensitive load. This means that the Quintet series has a wide range of compatibility options when considering preamplifiers and transformers.


Individually, the Quintet models stand out against competitors for their attention to detail and dynamic musicality. The Quintet Mono is as the name would suggest, designed specifically to cater to Mono microgroove vinyl records. The Quintet Red is a versatile, quality sounding cartridge offering an open and engaging performance. The next model up, the Quintet Blue, provides an even more refined and energetic sound, with the Quintet Bronze improving upon this further. The flagship Quintet model, the MC Quintet Black provides the highest resolution and most detailed level of clarity in the range.






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