Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless – Review

After three years of being on the market in their current form, the award-winning and critically acclaimed P7 from Bowers & Wilkins has had a major function upgrade – wireless capability.




The newly launched wireless P7s may look familiar; aesthetically they mirror the original design of their wired sibling almost identically, with the same luxurious black leather body and clean aluminium trims. Visually, the only difference seems to be the addition of volume control, pause/play (and ‘answer’ phone) function buttons on the side of the right cup. These buttons are identical to those found on the side of the company’s smaller wireless model, the P5 Wireless.


Supplied with the P7 Wireless is a soft but durable carry-case, as found with the original P7, along with a standard audio headphone cable and a micro USB cable for charging. The P7 Wireless has retained its foldable design for easy portability while an estimated 17 hours of battery life mean you’re unlikely to be left without music while out and about. If however, you should forget to pop them on charge before a long journey – simply connect the supplied headphone cable and turn them back into a hard-wired pair of P7s.




Luxury is still a defining property, as you would expect from Bowers & Wilkins. Their premium leather feel offers both an elegant and stylish fashion element while retaining a great level of comfortability. The P7 Wireless also sees the integration of memory foam cushions, for an even more secure and relaxing feel around your ear to help immerse you in the music entirely. It feels as though you’re not wearing them.




When talking about audio quality, the warm and rich Bowers & Wilkins sound signature is immediately present, with no discernible loss of quality over using the wireless aptX (CD lossless) Bluetooth transmission. High frequencies are clear and detailed while the midrange is punchy and dynamic, all the while a controlled and well-balanced bass ties the mix together. Even when cranking heavier songs to a more demanding volume, the stereofield is wide and vivid with no instrument left behind.


Creating a product that sounds as good wirelessly as its hard-wired version is always going to be a tricky battle, but Bowers & Wilkins achieved it with the P5 Wireless and have done so again with the launch of the P7 Wireless. The benefit of not being confined to tangling cables is one that cannot be overstated and if iPhone 7 rumours of no-headphone-port ring true, the P7 Wireless may be essential for the Apple fan who refuses to compromise on quality.





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