FMJ Home Theatre

Arcam is a well-established UK manufacturer of quality hifi components, based just outside of the world-famous University of Cambridge. The company began in 1976, founded by two music enthusiasts with a passion for electronics. The company was initially named Amplification & Recording Cambridge, before shorting to A&R Cambridge, and eventually to the snappier and more impacting name that we know today; 'ARCAM'. 

Arcam's FMJ Series comprises of both hifi separates and home theatre AV receivers/processors/power amplifiers. The design principle is true to each product; to offer the best and purest sound possible in order to truly immerse the listener to the centre of their favourite music, films, video games or television shows. The FMJ series boasts a convincing and dynamic sound-stage, with pinpoint accuracy and realistic. 

The home cinema components in the FMJ series are the AVR930, AVR550, AVR850 AV receivers with accompanying Universal Disc (including Blu-Ray) player, as well as a range of power amps and processors. All of the FMJ products feature a sleek black design aesthetic, allowing for easy integration with existing decor. 

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