Solo Systems

Arcam is a well-established UK manufacturer of quality hifi components, based just outside of the world-famous University of Cambridge. The company began in 1976, founded by two music enthusiasts with a passion for electronics. The company was initially named Amplification & Recording Cambridge, before shorting to A&R Cambridge, and eventually to the snappier and more impacting name that we know today; 'ARCAM'. 

Arcam has been building a range of 'all in one' boxes for a number of years, with the latest renditions being dubbed the 'Solo' series. This series comprises of a Solo Music, all-in-one hifi system with integrated amplifier and CD/SACD player, along with two Solo Movie boxes - a complete home theatre system with built-in multi-channel AV receiver, blu ray player and streaming capability. The two renditions of the Solo Movie are to cater for individual requirements; one will two 2.1 stereo sound while the other is a 5.1 version for surround-sound purposes. 

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