Opticon Series

Opticon is DALI’s midrange series, bringing the materials and technologies used in their high-end Rubicon & Epicon series to a much more accessible price point, without losing the signature DALI sound. All Opticon speakers feature DALI’s powerful & accurate made in house wood fibre drivers, coupled with their wide dispersion tweeters, some of which are reinforced by a ribbon tweeter, adding further detail and depth to the top end. 

Their low loss wood fibre drivers are, like every DALI driver, incredibly easy to drive, producing accurate & true to life sound with ease. These drivers are coated in DALI’s distinctively coloured wood fibre, which lowers surface resonance and increases rigidity. The cones are then surrounded by a very soft and flexible rubber, which allows the driver to move freely with no dampening, loss or interference.

Like their Rubicon and Epicon speakers, the woofer motors in Opticon speakers feature a pole piece constructed entirely of DALI’s patented SMC material. This Soft Magnetic Compound, is a coated magnetic granule material which can be easily shaped and moulded. The benefits of using SMC, instead of the traditional iron magnets found in conventional speakers, is a significant reduction in distortion and a much more transparent & lifelike sound.

Opticon LCR, Vokal,5, 6 & 8 feature DALI’s hybrid tweeter module, a combination of soft dome & ribbon tweeter for a wide dispersion of clear high frequencies which outperform any other tweeter technology at this price point. The soft dome tweeter provides high power handling and headroom for high sound pressure levels, while the ribbon tweeter provides wide dispersion and a fast, open top end which reaches frequencies far beyond the audible range, affecting lower harmonics and improving the cohesiveness of the sound.

All Opticon speakers are assembled in Denmark, where the MDF cabinets are cut & built, the vinyl is applied and the drivers are placed and tested by hand.

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