In Ceiling, In Wall & Outdoor

Focal are a world-renowned loudspeaker manufacturer, hailing from France. The company have seen great success over the years, having claimed the hearts of critics and music lovers, as well as a number of prestigious awards and titles. Focal continue to be at the forefront of loudspeaker design, with models that retain the company's reputation both sonically and aesthetically. 

With Focal's custom installation range, you're able to experience the high fidelity sound of Focal loudspeakers in a number of ways. With their in-ceiling/in-wall models, you're able to enjoy a rich, room filling, audiophile grade sound with essentially no physical profile, allowing the interior decor of your home to stand out alongside the sound, while the speakers themselves do not. Focal's OD outdoor models offer the same unrelenting level of performance into a weather-proof cabinet, ideal for gardens and poolsides. 

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