Legacy Uniti Series

The Uniti range of products combine high-end hi-fi performance with extensive digital audio functionality. They offer convenience and versatility whilst reproducing music with all the pace, rhythm, timing and clarity a Naim badge demands. And they do it all from a single, elegant enclosure. Just add speakers.

The first product in the range was NaimUniti, a player which literally rewrote the rules for high-end hi-fi performance, picking up numerous awards and spawning an entire range of all-in-one streaming products on its way. This formula of simplicity and performance informs the design of every Uniti product. Whether you want the compact power of UnitiQute 2 the ultimate performance of SuperUniti or the slimline simplicity of UnitiLite, there is an option in the range to suit your needs. The UnitiServe hard disk player/server completes the UnitiSystem proposition. Its custom-designed ripping engine creates bit-perfect copies of your CDs and stores them, either on its 2TB internal hard drive or on separate network-attached storage, making them available for playback over the home network

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