Valhalla 2 Series

Nordost is a premium quality interconnect and cable manufacturer, designing and engineering outstanding products to enhance the sound integrity of high quality hifi and home cinema systems. Nordost are known to be the manufacturer who set the standard for high-end flat cables, a superior quality achieved through the use of uniquely developed conductor solutions that originated within the aerospace industry. 

The Nordost design philosophy is to offer a pure and untainted signal transfer between hifi components, whether that be from CD player to amplifier or amplifier to loudspeaker. Nordost cables utilise a variety of groundbreaking processes and developed proprietary technologies to form the superior product that has become so critically acclaimed and loved today.

These innovative design principles include their innovative Dual/Micro-Mono Filament, TSC (Total Signal Control) technology and newly developed HOLO:PLUG connectors. Nordost's impressive range of products began as one simple, yet cutting edge cable and has since expanded into a vast series of all-encompassing high fidelity solutions, now not limited only to cables but also anti-resonant/energy dissipating hifi upgrades and accessories.

The Valhalla reference series of interconnects and cables was first released by Nordost in 2001 and set the benchmark for high performing loudspeaker cables, mains cables, digital interconnects and analogue interconnects for the industry. In 2013, Nordost revisited the acclaimed and world renowned Valhalla series to integrate new and enhanced production techniques and materials to form the Valhalla 2, or V2 for short. 

The V2 range stays true to the high standard of Nordost design philosophy, utilising silver-plated, oxygen free copper solid core conductors and their intelligent FEP insulation method. Each cable's length is mechanically tuned and makes full use of asymmetrical grounding to help form the significant improvements over the already well established original Valhalla series. 

The V2 range also uses Nordost's world famous Dual Mono-Filament technology alongside a state-of-the-art proprietary connector, the innovative HOLO:PLUG. This plug means that the best possible interface is formed for the contact between cable and component. This combination results in a ground breakingly low-mass design with the best possible signal transfer possible, delivered with a perfect level of impedance matching.

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