Electrostatic Loudspeakers

Quad are a highly renowned manufacturer of quality hifi electronics and loudspeakers, having developed award-winning audiophile-standard products standard for over 80 years, their highly acclaimed reputation is well-earned. The company originally built speakers for public address, moving onto domestic hifi following the end of the war. The first commercially available products were the Quad 22 Pre-amp and Quad II Monoblock Power Amplifiers, both of which were on the market for ten years to great success. 

Quad now develop a wide range of hifi products at varying price points, such as the S Series, Z SeriesElectrostatic Series of loudspeakers and accompanying amplifier ranges the Vena and QII Series. Quad also build a range of Active Loudspeakers. Quad continue to win the hearts of critics and consumers alike with each release and each product bears the same original design philosophy set out by founder Peter J. Walker; to design and engineer a product that offers 'the most accurate' sound response for the best price. 

 Quad have been designing and engineering audiophile-grade electrostatic loudspeakers for many years, having honed and perfected their craft over this time. The latest Electrostatic range from Quad features their own signature Mylar diaphragm with improved circuit and componentry throughout the internal design of the speakers. The result is an incredible level of accuracy and a superlative level of realism.

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