Roksan are a UK manufacturer of quality hifi components and are renowned for designing, engineering and assembling some of the most highly regarded amplifiers, CD players and turntables on the market today. The Xerxes turntable was a truly iconic release for the company and was shortly followed by a full range of equally well received premium turntable models.  Roksan consistently build award-winning products with the K3 Series and Caspian M2 Series being some of the most recognisable ranges in their catalogue today. Everything from Roksan is built from start to finish with the simple yet highly effective design philosophy of producing the best possible sounding product to a range of targeted price-points.  All Roksan equipment bought from HifiGear features a five year warranty, including electronics and turntables. 

To accompany their range of premium electronics and turntables, Roksan have developed a series of quality loudspeaker models. This means that you are able to make use a complete family of Roksan equipment to form a truly premium sounding hifi system, with each component having been designed and engineered around each other, and having followed the same design philosophies of uncompromising sound at various price points.

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