Atacama HD-L Floor Spike Shoes (Large)

Atacama HD-L Floor Spike Shoes (Large)

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Atacama Large Spike Shoes

Atacama are a renowned and multi award winning manufacturer of quality hifi and home cinema furniture components, based in Leicester, UK. While many quality hifi stand manufacturing companies market and brand themselves as skilled carpenters and hifi fanatics, Atacama take great pride in offering a product that not only portrays true craftsmanship but also features the innovative brains of an 'engineering company', employing intricate and highly developed methods of reducing and dissipating mechanical noise from your hifi equipment to avoid these parasitic resonances from interfering with different hifi separates.

Atacama mainly use bamboo for the production of their stands and racks, which not only possesses anti-resonant properties but also grows at a much faster rate than other woods, allowing for a more ecologically and environmentally friendly solution. To complement their range of hifi racks, speaker stands and other specialist audio furniture, Atacama offer a range of bonus accessories, ranging from isolation gel pads to Atabite stand inert filler. 

The HD-L is a high density spike shoe, designed and engineered from a copper/zinc alloy with a small hole on the upper surface for use with the anti resonant spikes often found at the bottom of floorstanding loudspeakers and quality speaker stands. The bottom surface of the spike shoe features a quality non-slip, EPDM elastomer membrane, offering protection to delicate floor coverings as well as aiding in sound dampening for a more dynamic sound response from your speakers. The spike shoes are able to withstand a maximum weight, spread over all four shoes, of up to 125kg. The Atacama spike shoes can be used with speaker stands/floorstand speakers, and also with dedicated hifi stands/racks. Sold as a set of 4, if for use with a pair of loudspeakers - set quantity to '2'.



Size/Diameter 25mm (Large)
Lower Surface Floor Protection E.P.D.M. (Elastomer Membrane)
Finishes Satin Black, Nickel Silver
Press & Awards