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Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins are a company who needs a very little introduction, having been constructing some of the world's most critically acclaimed loudspeaker and headphone models for half of a decade. Starting at the entry level 600 S2 series, through to the new 700 S2 series audiophile range, 800 Diamond series and flagship Nautilus model. These different series of loudspeaker have been praised as the superior listening experience in both two-channel hifi/music listening and in multi-channel home theatre applications, having claimed a vast multitude of awards in both categories. A Bowers speaker can be easily recognised by their iconic styling and their new silver 'continuum' cone, present throughout the 600, 700, 800 & Formation ranges. In April 2019 Bowers and Wilkins introduced their newest "wireless" range called "Formation", giving you a true, high-quality music experience when it comes to streaming music wirelessly.

The headphones C5 (in-ear model)P3 Series 2P5 Series 2, Bluetooth aptX-enabled P5 Wireless and the latest noise-cancelling PX Wireless with the flagship P9 Signature being launched in October 2016. Iconic in their own right, each release from Bowers & Wilkins is a testament to the company's commitment to impeccable design and uncompromising sound, assembled in a way that reflects true British craftsmanship.

Bowers & Wilkins shook the industry again in 2006 with the release of what is considered to be the very first premium level iPod dock, dubbed the 'Zeppelin', which was subsequently superseded by AirPlay-enabled and revamped 'Zeppelin Air', through to the current aptX/AirPlay/Spotify Connect model; The Zeppelin Wireless. The original Zeppelin marked a new chapter in Bowers & Wilkins' history and began their journey into other quality 'new-media' products.