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Marantz is one of the world's most famous hifi brands and was started in 1948 by New Yorker, Saul Marantz, an amateur musician and audio enthusiast who was dissatisfied with the amplifier products available at that time. He decided to build phono pre-amps which could handle all manner of recording equalisations popular in the day, and his friends persuaded him to build them one too. This quickly took all of Saul's time, as he was overwhelmed with orders - the Marantz company we know today was born.

Today Marantz has embraced home cinema too, with a range of AV receivers and Blu-ray players to rival the worlds finest. Marantz has created two distinct categories of hifi and home cinema products, the Range and Premium. The Range is an entry to mid-level products aimed at consumers looking for good performance, features and high reliability with great value for money. The Premium range of products delivers high-end performance in a superbly built package and often featuring audiophile components to create the best sound and vision performance possible.

Brand Manager Ken Ishiwata often customises special edition Marantz products to give an extra level of performance to Range and Premium products - he is a very talented electronics designer who only allows his name to be added to the product when he is 100% happy with its audio performance.