Floorstanding Speakers

Floorstanding speakers are a great choice for larger listening rooms, where the additional bass output will not overwhelm the room. If you listen to bass orientated music, or looking for high volumes, a good floorstanding hi-fi speaker will produce a huge sound stage, a wide frequency range and a scale of sound that can be completely realistic.

Add a centre channel speaker and rear surround speakers with asubwoofer to your tower speakers to create your very own home cinema speaker system.

Choose ahi-fi amplifier to drive your floorstanding speakers with sufficient power output so that it does not clip or distort at normal listening levels - see our article on how to choose amplifiers on our blog for more detailed information.

Make sure you budget for good quality speaker cable andbanana plugs to ensure you get the best possible sound - and spike shoe floor protectors can be useful in avoiding damage to laminate or wood floors.  For more information on purchasing floorstanding speakers, see our article"How to choose stereo speakers" on our blog.

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