What Hifi Awards, 2016

'Best Multiroom System Under £500' 

Until Sonos arrived on the market 6 years ago, multi-room audio systems were the toys of the rich and famous - now almost everyone can enjoy music in any room of the home (or even in the garden) thanks to the affordability, reliability and wireless design of Sonos. Customers can start with just one room, and then expand the system to as many rooms as they wish by adding zoneplayers.

The first zone of Sonos must either be hard wired to your router or connected wirelessly via a Sonos Bridge. The remaining zones then link wirelessly over dislances exceeding 250m. If you choose a Sonos Connect Amp which has an on board stereo amplifier, all you need to add are a pair of loudspeakers, in-ceiling or in-wall types if you want a really invisible system.

If you already have a stereo system in a room, to add multiroom music just buy a Sonos Connect (stereo amplifier is ommited). For an occasional use room, why not go with the Play: 5 or Play: 3, which have built in speakers for minimum set-up fuss.

Whichever route you take, you will be amazed at the speed of setup of your Sonos system, the wealth of online streamed music available to you, and the sound quality that is on offer when it plays any source of music, be it internet radio or music stored on your computer or network drive.

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Sonos Playbar

Very Good TV Sound, And Extra Sonos Zone For Free

My Panasonic TV sound was very poor in quality, so I jumped at the chance when I heard about the new Playbar. I already had 3 zones of Sonos for music, and new I have another via the Playbar. Set up was child's play, and the extra bass depth and voice intelligibility on TV sound makes this one of the best tech equipments I have purchased. Fast delivery from Hifi Gear too.