Networked Audio

Most music lovers these days have music stored on their PC or laptop, if only to feed and refresh their iPod via iTunes - so why not liberate this music further around your home?

Music streaming devices enable you play this music in any room you wish, even via your TV! Not only music can be streamed via broadband, photos, internet radio and often You Tube are available at the touch of a button, without the need to install a network of cables around your home.

In the UK Sonos is the most popular streaming solution, and available at a great price, often with special Sonos deals available. Choose the Sonos Connect amp and a pair of speakers and you are ready to go! Or a Sonos Connect will feed an existing hi-fi amplifier and speakers.

Always try to allocate some of your budget for good qualityinterconnecting cables for best sound quality. For advice & information on streaming devices, please see our article "How to stream media from your Apple idevice" on our blog.

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