Tuners/DAB Tuners

Radio Tuners have a wealth of music, conversation and sport all available free of charge and in superb stereo sound quality quality, so it is not surprising that for many a radio tuner is an essential addition to their hi-fi system.

Traditionally broadcasts have been available only as analog FM stereo and AM mono broadcasts - good but sometimes with too much background hiss and noise, unless you have an external antenna. DAB (digital audio broadcasting) has overcome many of these noise issues, and often works well with just an indoor antenna. The latest tuners on the market are adding internet radio network audio streaming as a part of the package, bringing thousands of radio stations from all over the world into your listening room.

Additional features sometimes included in radio tuners are presets so that you can store your favourite radio stations and recall up to 10 of them at the press of a button. Alarm clock and timer functions can also be useful, particularly if the hifi system is to be used in a bedroom.

Remember that to maximise sound quality, budget for some good quality audio cables to connect to yourintegrated amplifier or hi-fi receiver, and also a good quality mains cable will provide significant gains in audio quality. For more information on choosing the right radio for you take a look at our blog pages, "how to choose analogue tuners" or "how to choose digital radios".

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