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What Hifi's award ceremony is often dubbed 'the Oscars of the Hifi and AV industry'. Each year they pick the best of the best in every category in order to help you buy with the confidence of knowing that the experts approve.

What Hi-fi is the UK's most popular and widely read magazine and website covering reviews of hi-fi equipment, home cinema products, loudspeakers, headphones and much more in the field of home entertainment. Each year each product category is awarded to the best performing product at each price point - we have gathered these award winning products to this section of our website to allow you to browse them with ease.

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Naim Mu-So Wireless Loudspeaker

Brilliant Sound Quality

Having loved my Sonos system I was naturally a bit dubious as to whether the Mu-so would be worth the extra expense - I needn't have worried, from the first track it blew my Sonos Playbar away! Still like the Sonos but this is very close to hi-fi quality. Looks the part too, with a beautiful curved grille and aluminium casework which shouts quality.

AudioQuest Dragonfly v1.2 DAC

Excellent DAC, Even Better Price,

The Dragonfly is ideal for me as it's basically the same size as my USB flash drive, which makes it really easy to carry around with my laptop. The first version sounded excellent but unfortunately was just out of my price bracket. The new release sounds even better and is a lot cheaper, making it an ideal choice for me. Would highly recommend as I don't believe there is another DAC this portable and this good sounding at this price.

Marantz CD6005 CD Player

Great Sound And Value!

Just upgraded to the PM 6005 from an old Arcam alpha 5 - a lot clearer sounding and with bags more power on tap, digital input means I can connect my Playstation sound and hear it through my hi-fi - brilliant!

Marantz CD6005 CD Player

Summary Of Your Review Excellent Upgrade From Cd6004

Great sound quality at a very fair price

Marantz UD7007 Blu Ray Player

Superb Music Quality And Movies

I wanted a player that could play not just bluray, but all of my music collection too, some of which is in SACD and DVD Audio - the UD7007 has impressed me greatly with it's excellent audio quality and video too.