XS Series

XS Series

The XS series is Naim's entry-level range of separates, designed not only to introduce the budding audiophile to Naim's philosophy, but to act as a prime example of what Naim are actually capable of. The XS family work better when combined with other models within the same series, but each model is highly versatile, constructed from specifically chosen components of extraordinary high quality and will perform to an astonishingly high standard even when used in conjunction with slightly lesser machines. The clarity and fullness of sound that the XS series are able to replicate is far superior to anything else within its price range, and even rivals models in much higher price categories.

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Naim ND5 XS Network Player

Sonos Beater!

Upgraded to the ND5XS from a Sonos Connect - similar functionality but leagues ahead in sound quality!

Naim NAP 155 XS Power Amplifier

Excellent Upgrade!

Had an old NAP140 before, the NAP 155 XS is the same power output on paper, but drives my Proac 115's with much more gusto than the old 140.

Naim NAT05 XS FM Tuner

Best FM Ever!

I enjoy listening to BBC Radio 4 concerts, and the NAT05 lets me hear more music than any other tuner that has graced my system over the years. It isn't cheap, but if you value the best then it's worth it.

Naim NAC 152 XS Preamplifier

Very Good Fidelity Of Sound

I am using the NAC15XS with a NAP200 power amp into B&W PM1's - plenty of power and insightful sound. Great build quality too.

Naim NAIT XS 2 Integrated Amplifier

Punchy And Tuneful Amp

Upgraded recently from a Roksan Kandy integrated, the Naim XS 2 really gives loads of detail and excellent stereo imaging, like very musical. Drives my B&W CM10's we ease.