AudioQuest WEL Signature LP Tonearm Cable

AudioQuest WEL Signature LP Tonearm Cable

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AudioQuest WEL Signature LP Tonearm Cable

AudioQuest is one of the most well-regarded cable manufacturers in the world, with each cable seeing a level of meticulous detail in both its aesthetic construction, as well as intuitive engineering within to provide an impressive performance. Regardless of whether the cable in question be an analogue or digital interconnect, speaker cable, subwoofer cable or anything with Audioquest's badge on it - only the finest quality materials and construction expertise are used to form an exceptional, industry-leading product.

Audioquest's range of analogue tonearm cables is designed to further improve the quality of transmission from vinyl to hifi, utilising only the finest materials and innovative construction methods. The WEL Signature LP is a testament to this design philosophy and construction ethics, using the best possible materials for the price point to allow for a truly superior signal transfer from the source.


This cable utilises a truly superlative conductor design, dubbed 'Perfect-Surface Technology'. This technology is applied to extreme-purity silver to offer an unrivalled signal transfer quality and further improved with the use of truly solid conductors. Solid conductors prevent wire strands from interacting with each other and compromising the integrity of the signal, while the high purity, perfect surface silver keeps distortion to an absolute minimum. This is a superior signal transfer to that found with OFHC, OCC, 8N and other copper conductors.


When a solid material adjoins a conductor, it actually exists as an element within an imperfect circuit. The insulation of the wire and the materials that make up the circuit board all absorb energy, which equates to a loss. Some of this energy is stored within the component and then released as distortion. This AudioQuest cable benefits from the company's FEP Air-Tube insulation in order to counteract this unwanted effect. Air absorbs next to zero energy, while FEP (a Fluoro-Polymer) is the best material for solid insulation as it absorbs far less energy than other materials. These FEP Air-Tubes have practically nothing but the air around the conductors, so the signal is untampered with in this respect, for the entirety of its transmission through the cable.


This cable also benefits from the innovative Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation System, often shortened easily to NDS. Poor quality cables that use minimal shielding techniques can often act as aerials for parasitic RF frequency interference, passing these signals through your system and affecting the sound of your music. AudioQuest believes that 100% shield coverage is simple. Using their Noise-Dissipation System, RF interference is captured and prevented from modifying the electronic component's ground reference. NDS simply prevents a significantly large amount of potential RFI from ever reaching the equipment's ground plane, whether that piece of equipment is hifi-based, home cinema or otherwise. AudioQuest ensures that this cable is truly protected from these interferences by using both metal and carbon-loaded synthetics in 4-layer design, preventing most RFI from ever reaching the ground plane of the electrical component.

Metal  Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS)
Dielectric FEP Air-Tubes (FEP is a Fluoro-Polymer)
Noise-Dissipation System Carbon-Based 4-Layer Noise-Dissipation System
Capacitance Less than 56pF/1.2m
Jacket Black/Gray Stripes PVC
Termination Right-Angled or Straight Machined-Barrel
5-Pin JIS Plug to
2 x WEL Signature Series
RCA Plugs + Ground. RCA or XLR

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