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  1. Rotel is back... and it's better than ever

    After a short hiatus and a change of UK distribution, HiFi Gear is proud to announce that we are once again working with Rotel to provide some of our favourite Japanese hifi equipment.

    To coincide with their return, Rotel have announced a suite of improved products, with many of their 14 series products donning a mk2 badge, to indicate an improvement to performance, internal components, board design and most importantly sound! Along with their even greater improved, flagship Michi series proudly wearing the 'Series 2' name, bringing along with it a whole host of improvements, more of which we will go into below, with further details on each product page.

    Offering excellent build quality, unique technology and superb value, Rotel offer an amplifier for everyone, from their compact yet powerful integrated amps, to their range-topping pre & power

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  2. Focal Hi-Fi Headphones Trade in Promotion

    Focal Hi-Fi Headphones Trade in Promotion


    Focal headphone trade-in promotion


    September sees a fantastic offer on the full range of Focal Headphones with a month-long Headphone Trade-In Promotion.


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  3. Naim New Classic Cable Promotion

    Naim New Classic Cable Promotion

    This promotion has now finished


    Naim New Classic Range Promotion


    With the launch of both the 200 & 300 Series New Classic ranges, Naim has an exciting new range of products for customers to enjoy. The opportunity to enhance their systems for the first time in over a decade will give many customers food for thought, but Naim understand that some of these  owners will be reluctant to change what they love, but there’s unfulfilled potential in each of those setups.

    To help encourage customers to incorporate

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  4. Linn LP12-50 Anniversary


    Linn Sondek LP12-50

    Linn today announces the launch of a special edition, 50th anniversary model of their legendary Sondek LP12 transcription turntable, designed with help from the creative collective LoveFrom.



    Linn’s CEO, Gilad Tiefenbrun, had the following to say about this landmark collaboration: “My father Ivor’s Sondek LP12 turntable revolutionised the hi-fi industry. It employed precision engineering to extract more music from the grooves

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  5. Naim Uniti Trade In Promotion

    Hi-Fi Gear and Naim are delighted to share that the customer upgrade path for Naims Uniti range has now been made easier than ever. To help our customers take next step on their musical journey, the Naim Uniti Exchange Promotion will run  throughout the month of July. Offering hundreds of pounds in savings against the Uniti Atom, Star, Nova and Core with any eligible trade in product.

    All legacy Uniti product* are now eligible for hundreds of pounds in part-exchange value against the value of a new Uniti product**
    Quite simply, to qualify for the Trade-in Value, the customer must prove the existence of their legacy Uniti product either by serial number submission or bringing the unit in-store. They are then eligible for the following value off the new Uniti product as per below:


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  6. Turntable Troubleshooting

    Using a turntable is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways of listening to music but it can present issues occasionally. Setting up and using a turntable is a little tricker than pressing play on a CD Player or Network Streamer but is well worth a little hassle. If you’re having setup issues with your turntable, this guide should help.

    For advice on setting up a Rega turntable, see our set-up guide by clicking here.


    My turntable no longer turns on!


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  7. How to set up a Rega turntable

    Rega Research builds some of the best sounding, built and designed turntables available today, ranging from their entry-level Planar 1, all the way to their range-topping Naiad. These turntables will provide years of musical enjoyment providing they are set up correctly. In this quick guide, we will show how to set up your Rega turntable to get you listening to your favourite records in no time.

    Firstly, we recommend thoroughly reading the user manual provided with your turntable as not all Rega turntables are identical. The Planar 1 and Planar 1 Plus are sold pre-fitted with Rega's Carbon Moving Magnet cartridge and have a pre-set tracking weight stopper. To set up a Planar 1, simply push the provided counterweight to the end of the tonearm until you hit the built-in stopper. Now your tracking weight

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  8. Monitor Audio Silver 7G Reveal

    Monitor Audio Silver 7G - A breath of fresh air

    Monitor Audio has just announced the new generation of their very successful Silver Series, we already loved the previous Gen 6 Silver series, with 2 speakers in this range, in particular, the Silver 50 Bookshelf Speaker and the Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker, I will get into detail why shortly.

    With a new generation of speakers comes new technology and looks. On paper, these are shaping to be a real eye-opener with their new RST II tech and we're so very keen to get our hands on them and give a full, honest review of what we expected. As always, the Silver range comes with an array of different finishes, in this instance, we have Gloss Black, Black Oak, Ash, Walnut and Satin White, making them fit seamlessly into any sort of living environment.

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  9. 2 Channel Hifi System Installation - Gloucester

    2 Channel Hifi System Installation - Gloucester


    This Hifi System, consisting of a Rega Planar 2 Turntable, Rotel CD11 Tribute CD Player, Rotel A11 Tribute Amplifier and DALI Oberon 1 Speakers was demonstrated to a customer in our Hereford showroom before being set up and installed in their home.


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  10. Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition - First Impressions

    Naim Uniti Atom HE (Headphone Edition) - First Impressions

    Naim Audio, British manufacturers of some of the world's finest Hifi equipment, has recently released a new 'Headphone Edition' of their popular Uniti Atom All-In-One Streaming Amplifier. For this version of the Uniti Atom, Naim has removed the powered speaker connections and power amplifier section of the unit, in favor of a high-powered headphone amplifier section. The Atom Headphone Edition carries plenty of headphone sockets to suit whichever set of headphones you own, be it from Sennheiser, Focal, Audeze, Grado, or any other brand. On the front panel, you'll find the conventional stereo 1/4" Jack connection, below a 4.4mm Pentaconn Jack Connection. On the rear panel, you'll find a 4-Pin DIN connection, found on a number of high-end headphones such as the Sennheiser HD820's.

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