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HifiGear: Recerified B&W Explained

We recently took a trip to the Bowers & Wilkins factory in Worthing where they build the company’s prestigious 800 series and flagship Nautilus speakers. This is also where the new media products go for recertification.

We were fortunate enough to be able to witness part of the recertification process which has made us even more confident in selling these units than ever before – and as Bowers & Wilkins back RC products with the same 2 year warranty as you’d receive with a new item; it’s clear that they’re confident about the quality of these units too. We understand that some customers are sceptical about purchasing RC units and within this post, I hope to clear up any questions or issues these customers may have.

What Are RC Products?

Recertified products are previously unsealed products that have been sent back to B&W to be resold. Before B&W will reseal the box to these products and dispatch them to retailers such as ourselves, they perform a rigorous and extensive testing and assessment procedure to ensure that they boast the same level of quality they had when they were initially sold in the first place. This includes testing the sonic performance of the unit as well as its mechanical integrity.

What Condition Can I Expect?

Where applicable, the unit will be refurbished with replacement parts for anything that may become defective within the product. This could be as simple as replacing a scuffed ear pad on a P5 or a slight tear in the cloth grille of a Zeppelin Air or A7. Once any repairs are made to the unit in question, it’s then tested and assessed before being resealed in unique ‘Recertified’ packaging and sent straight to our stock room.

What’s In the Box?

All products include the accessories and documentation (as well as an additional document about recertified products) that you would initially find with brand new products. Cosmetic blemishes may sometimes be present on recertified units, but we have received almost only positive feedback about the condition of these units across the board, ranging from P5’s to A7’s with many people claiming that if they weren’t labelled RC, they would have thought that they were brand new.

To summarise, B&W recertified products are previously unsealed products that have been returned to B&W for one of any reason. They are then tested, assessed, cleaned/repaired when applicable, and are then sent to us for resale. Every RC product includes the same accessories, documentation and 2-year warranty included with new products.

If you have any further questions or queries, feel free to contact us and we’ll help in any way we can;

Telephone: 01432 354921


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