Speaker Stands

Atacama is a renowned and multi award-winning manufacturer of quality hifi and home cinema furniture components, based in Leicester, UK. While many quality hifi stand manufacturing companies market and brand themselves as skilled carpenters and hifi fanatics, Atacama take great pride in offering a product that not only portrays true craftsmanship but also features the innovative brains of an 'engineering company', employing intricate and highly developed methods of reducing and dissipating mechanical noise from your hifi equipment to avoid these parasitic resonances from interfering with different hifi separates.

Atacama mainly uses bamboo for the production of their stands and racks, which not only possesses anti-resonant properties but also grows at a much faster rate than other woods, allowing for a more ecologically and environmentally friendly solution. 

Atacama builds a wide range of loudspeaker stands, offering a multitude of colours and finishes as well as customisable dimensions to cater to most listening environments. The entry-level Estillo series features a single column configuration, allowing for a simple design style at great value. From there, the award-winning Nexus series uses a three column design, designed and engineered to offer stability and a more dynamic performance out of your loudspeakers. The professional series stands, the SL Series caters to larger bookshelves and standmounts where a larger footprint is necessary to guarantee the best possible stability. 

The Moseco series stands are designed with style and environment in mind, thanks to its bamboo design and clever metal pole configuration. This stand was given 5 stars, as well as being awarded the title of 'BEST SPEAKER STANDS' in 2014, 2015 and 2015 from WhatHifi? and S&V Magazine. Lastly, the company's flagship HMS series is typically regarded as the audiophile level stand, incorporating a number of technological feats to increase its mass loading capacity and anti-resonant capability, designed with premium speaker models in mind. 

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