DACs & Personal Audio

Audioquest is one of the most well-regarded cable manufacturers in the world, with each cable seeing a level of meticulous detail in both its aesthetic construction, as well as intuitive engineering within to provide an impressive performance. Regardless of whether the cable in question be an analogue or digital interconnect, speaker cable, subwoofer cable or anything with Audioquest's badge on it - only the finest quality materials and construction expertise are used to form an exceptional, industry-leading product.

Audioquest kick-started compact USB DAC market with its industry-leading 'Dragonfly' model, a simple and beautifully delicate (yet reassuringly weighty) flash-drive sized DAC. The original Dragonfly began to claim awards across a multitude of prestigious and highly regarded hifi review platforms and was exceptionally well received. Soon after, however, other brands began to build similar products at more attractive price points - making the Dragonfly a slightly less desirable product. 

AudioQuest tackled this by simply looking at the Dragonfly again, releasing a 'v1.2' model, with an improved circuitry and much more appealing price tag. Since the launch of the Dragonfly 1.2, Audioquest has regained their reputation and five-star What Hifi review and continue to reign the USB-DAC market once more.

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