600 Series

B&W’s new 600 series claims to improve upon one of the British speaker manufacturer’s most popular speaker ranges, altering both the sonic performance and the aesthetic prowess of all models within the series.

Bowers & Wilkins create some of the most critically acclaimed speaker models in the world, often praised for their impeccable craftsmanship and intuitive engineering. B&W speakers are easily recognised for their unique design points, such as the use of yellow Kevlar drivers, dimpled bass ports and of course their world-renowned ‘Nautilus’ philosophy.

B&W released the original 600 series in 2008, comprising of two floor-standing models, two bookshelf models and two centre channel models. This means that to see models of the 600 series being used in conjunction with other models in the same series for home-theatre set-ups is not uncommon, and for all intents and purposes is actually recommended, especially when using the unchanged dedicated subwoofers; ASW608 & ASW610. The 600 series is able to relay a superior detail of emotion and clarity to a multitude of applications, whether it be intense and full musical pieces or action scenes, or the delicate live acoustic guitar performance or the sensitive and dramatic whispered scene of a film.

Bowers & Wilkins have recently released a revisited 600 series, improving not only on aesthetic touches but also drastically improving the already superior sound quality of every model (excluding the subwoofers, which have been left unchanged by the new release). Some minor alterations include front-firing bass ports on the bookshelf models, this makes placement of the speakers less of a determining factor of the sound quality and also makes wall-mounting them considerably more appealing (to the addition of an integrated wall-mount bracket also makes wall-mounting them much easier to do).

The new series claims to bring the very best out of your music, regardless of whether or not it’s a flawless FLAC file, vinyl record, or a simple Spotify stream. Click the images below for more information on each individual speaker within the series, as well as information on package deals we’ve put together.

The 600 S2 series is available for demonstration at our Hereford showroom. Fancy a demo? Give us a call in advance, and we’ll put the kettle on ready for you. 01432 354921.

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