Icon Signature Range

Custom Design is an English-based company that design and manufacture high-quality audio-visual furniture. They're a family company, who dedicate their time and energy to creating innovative, specialist HiFi and AV furniture that's not only aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting but also anti-resonant and audio-enhancing. This is a philosophy they retain throughout the entire process of any AV rack or speaker stand that they build - to look nice, and to enhance the dynamic response by removing as much unwanted resonance from the stand as possible.

The Icon Signature range from Custom Design is a multi-award winning series of quality hifi stand. The stand features quality hardwood supports, built from licensed and professionally managed forest sources and is available in a multitude of finishes including Natural, Oak, Cherry Mahogany, Walnut and Black while the crossbars are available in either a mercury or black finish to complement your chosen wood. 

This means that the Icon Signature can be integrated within the existing decor of your listening room with ease. 

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