Preamps & DACs

Cyrus is a manufacturer of specialist hifi and personal audio equipment, operating from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, England, where all of the company's acclaimed products are conceived and designed. Cyrus boasts an extensive range of highly regarded amplifiers, CD players, DACs and power supplies many of which have claimed countless awards and accolades over the years. 

The company are often regarded as one of the leading British manufacturers in hifi and retain a common design ethos with every step of product development; to ensure the best possible sound performance for the most accessible price without compromise. Cyrus equipment is available for purchase and demonstration at the HifiGear store in King Street, Hereford. 

Cyrus separate preamplifiers and DAC units benefit from a scrupulous design and manufacturing process, using only the finest and most relevant components and materials to form a truly sophisticated and superior sounding product. Their preamplifiers not only offer intelligent methods of switching and controlling signal but with integrated DAC technology are able to audio from your digital sources like televisions, CD players, streamers and more, without compromise. 

The Cyrus preamplifier units can be improved even further when combined with the company's PSX-R power supply. 

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