Spektor Series

Spektor is DALI’s entry-level series, bringing high quality components derived from their Oberon & Opticon series to a much more accessible price point. 

Spektor features DALI’s ultra-lightweight fabric soft dome tweeter, paired with their infamous custom made wood fibre woofers to produce detailed, powerful sound at any volume level. These low-loss drivers use DALI’s lightweight paper cones, with wood fibre reinforcement. The uneven surface is designed to dramatically reduce unwanted resonance, delivering lifelike detail in your music. By using DALI’s own custom-made drivers, the need for complicated frequency correction is eliminated. This means that the crossovers found inside Spektor speakers are very simple, allowing little to no signal to be lost in the process, leaving you with pure, accurate sound.

DALI’s Spektor series, like every DALI speaker, is very easy to pair with almost any amplifier. Be it a powerful Class-D power amp or a more laid-back, warm tube amplifier, Spektor speakers are easy to drive, resulting in a very musical, entertaining experience for everyone.

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