Q Series

KEF is a highly renowned, multi-award winning loudspeaker manufacturer whose high-quality products can be found all over the world. KEF began in Maidstone Kent in 1961 by an electrical engineer, Raymond Cooke. KEF is named after Kent Engineering & Foundry, which occupied the KEF site previously. Raymond Cooke was created OBE by Queen Elizabeth II in 1979. KEF has produced products for the BBC, and have a vast range of products at many different price points.

The newly developed Q Series from KEF builds upon the high sonic and aesthetic standards set by its predecessor, seeing improvements across essentially all of the internal componentry and a smoother more luxurious finish. 

KEF's world-famous Uni-Q driver technology can be found at the heart of each Q series speaker, now with the implementation of improved dampening of the tweeter loading tube. This is engineered to offer a soft termination of any unwanted sound that may otherwise be produced from the rear of the tweeter module. Lower-end high-frequency performance is dramatically improved while the new low-distortion inductor found on the crossover guarantees a cleaner, more controlled bass response than previous KEF models and speakers from competitor brands in the same price point and above. The Q Series' low-frequency drivers possess a larger roll surround and a new spider suspension to guarantee that the high-performance bass response of the Q series loudspeaker is not compromised at higher volumes. 

Combining true engineering prowess with luxurious design, the Q series is available in a soft-touch satin black or satin white finish, while its full aesthetic profile boasts a minimalist and premium appearance with seamless, sleek cabinets that do not show any visible fittings or joins. 

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