Mission Electronics was founded in 1977 by Farad Azima and was immediately recognised as one of the leaders in the development of acoustic engineering through its application of new technologies to create some of the most rewarding loudspeakers in every market sector. One of Mission's iconic speaker designs was the Mission 770, which swept all before it in the 1970's due to it's extraordinary sound quality which is still impressing listeners today.

Mission became a very popular hi-fi brand over the years and has earned an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of some of the world’s finest and technologically innovative hi fi products. The brand continued to deliver outstanding performance throughout the 1980s and 1990s, producing many “firsts” and constantly breaking through technological barriers. Not content with just deloping loudspeakers, Mission went on to market their own radical and innovative range of tonearms, turntables, and amplifier electronics.

The current MX series of products has won many group tests and awards in the world's hifi press, thanks to Missions continuing dedictaion to superb sound quality in the home.

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