Naim Vinyl Series

Naim Audio has a special place in British audio, thanks to it's founder and inspirational leader Julian Vereker, a hugely talented mechanical and electronic engineer with a passion for, amongst many things, music. Founded in 1973, Naim has always had a firm philosophy of music first, measurements second - each Naim product is extensively auditioned as part of the product development process to make sure that it delivers clear, emotional music making ability.

Naim products are designed to bring the closest facsimile of a live music event into your home listening environment, to give you maximum pleasure from your music collection. Many of the Naim products are evolutions of previous designs, incorporating sometimes quite small changes to the mechanical or electronic design - however, these incremental changes make a large overall improvement in the music performance of each product.

Naim have always retained a great level of respect and admiration for the warm, full sound of vinyl. Although grasping and dominating digital music with their network-enabled Uniti range, Naim believe that vinyl recordings can deliver a level of sound superiority that just simply isn't comparable to digital music. This is why they continue to design and build a number of vinyl-aimed accessories, like the highly configurable SuperLine phonostage.

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