Q4 EVO Series

Based in Bath since 1995, Quadraspire design and manufacture contemporary, modular hifi and AV furniture with an emphasis on acoustic performance, style and functionality. The range of furniture includes hifi racks, AV racks, TV stands and storage solutions for LP's and CD's. materials include glass, wood and aluminium. Quadraspire stands are intelligently designed, offering not only a beautiful and stylishly presented stage for your hifi equipment to perform upon, but the intuitive level of engineering that QS utilise in the stand's construction allows for a better sonic performance out of your components. 

The Q4 EVO builds upon the highly acclaimed and long-standing original Q4 model from Quadraspire (new Q4 EVO shelves are compatible with original Q4 stands!), featuring a combination of solid aluminium columns and specially built shelving. The shelves of the Q4 EVO are available in a number of wood aesthetic finishes, with an optional bamboo finish available for a further sonic upgrade to your system. 

The shelving of the Q4 EVO utilises its unique curves and symmetrically cut edges to minimise potential parasitic resonance and standing sound waves, while the sturdy aluminium column structure is designed to drastically reduces the cross contamination of mechanical noise between individual hifi components. 

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