SVT Series

Based in Bath since 1995, Quadraspire design and manufacture contemporary, modular hifi and AV furniture with an emphasis on acoustic performance, style and functionality. The range of furniture includes hifi racks, AV racks, TV stands and storage solutions for LP's and CD's. materials include glass, wood and aluminium. Quadraspire stands are intelligently designed, offering not only a beautiful and stylishly presented stage for your hifi equipment to perform upon, but the intuitive level of engineering that QS utilise in the stand's construction allows for a better sonic performance out of your components. 

The Quadraspire Sunoko-Vent T shelf is a single width shelf that can be added to the Sunoko vent T base unit, also a single shelf , each having an additional cost, adding as many shelves needed according to your requirements.

New technology incorporates a solid brass collar system, under so much tension that the vibrations radiate away from the components, through concave aluminium columns,thus delivering a much better quality sound. The SV32mm diameter columns are available in 6 heights, 140mm being standard. Quadraspire Sunoko-Vent SVT shelves are 25mm thick, available in 6 finishes including bamboo , and with a weight capacity of 120kg. The slotted shelves allow excellent ventilation for your hifi or AV components.

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